the embodiment research lab for kids

As a dance mediator I create spaces in which the children can move freely and individually in careful accompaniment. The children have the opportunity to indulge in the power and flow of the dance and let their creativity run wild. the harmonious coexistence in a group with diverse personalities is strengthened by movement games and dance improvisation. On the basis of pictures, themes and stories, the children embark on a journey into the world of movement. Impulses in the group influence the course of the class. The world of ideas of the children is brought into the light.

Tanz kind tanz is aimed at kindergartens, clubs, schools, museums

the fascinating world of plankton

Commissioned by Vienna Biennale 2019 & AIL- Angewandte Innovation Lab in collaboration with Noise Aquarium 

You are exploring the diversity of the organisms of the oceans of our planet Earth, approaching the importance of the concept of biodiversity – the biodiversity within all species and ecosystems. You use the expressive means of dance to get closer to the wonderful world of plankton & make acquaintance with enchanting creatures within a unique 3D aquarium.

like the wind in the wheat field

commissioned by vienna design week 2018 & zoom children museum

a tonne project by sarah maria kamleitner recognition award erste bank mehrwert

topic related movement workshops for kids with and without disabilities.

What does growing feel like for a seed? How does an ear of wheat move in a summer wind? And in a storm? How do a large number of ears move together as a whole? What movements can be seen during the harvest? And what does a field do in winter? These and many other interesting questions will be explored in a movement workshop with Victoria Primus.

big bang - we are all stardust!

commissioned by St. Nicholas Foundation

As stardust we float around in the universe, getting familiar with our solar system by transforming into planets. We meet the dinosaurs, playfully engage with Darwin’s theory of evolution & test gravity. In the depths of the ocean, we encounter giant squids, starfish and  drift like plankton. We take off, we grow wings, we lose the ground under our feet to turn into bees, beetles, butterflies, bats and birds. The dance and movement experience, the associated immersion in the variety of different worlds of our universe sensitises the consciousness in the individual dealing with nature and fellow human beings. Through dance, movement and music, the kids come into contact with scientific topics. Contemporary dance allows experimentation through free movement.

Tanz Kind Tanz ein tanzender Sprachkurs!
Tanz Kind Tanzein tanzender Sprachkurs!

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