Victoria Primus is mother of two children and a passionate dancer and choreographer, based in Vienna, Austria. 

Victoria enjoyed her professional training at the Opera Ballet School, Performing Arts School in Vienna and the University of London Arts, UK.  During her studies, she toured the Intoto dance company with pieces by Janet Smith (Scottish Dance Theater), Rafael Bonachela (Sydney Dance Company), Michael Popper (Royal Ballet), Luca Silvestrini (Protein Dance Theater Company).

from an early age on, The dance traditions of various cultures of this world were brought closer to her at the globally respected ImpulsTanz Festival Vienna. there she assisted the internationally known dance teacher and choreographer Joe alegado.

Dance crosses many boundaries and forges links between cultures based on mutual respect. From a young age, this understanding has triggered a thirst for international artistic collaborations.

Since finishing university she has worked internationally with dance companies, festivals & a variety of artists: Theater Ansicht, Vienna Biennale, Noise Aquarium, Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna Design Week, X Factor, Ivo Dimchev, Tauschfühlung, Bodytalk, Flowmotion Dance Company, Phoenix Fire Dancers.

Since finishing her diploma in cultural management in 2019,  Victoria engages more in interdisciplinary work at the interface between art and science (creative interferences), trying to create more awareness for the ecological crisis and its impact on the human race. The interconnectedness of all things in the universe and on planet earth is the focus of her endeavors.

She physically approaches abstract topics such as biodiversity, planetary oscillation or quantum entanglement to make them more tangible for a wide ranging audience.  During an immersive experience children or adults, with and without dance experience, get into a closer relationship with plankton, planets or particles. 


Victoria adapts her work to the web during COVID-19 / lockdown 2020 and creates online tutorials Ballet back on track.

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