Victoria Primus enjoyed her professional training at the Opera Ballet School and Performing Arts School in Vienna.  from an early age on, The dance traditions of various cultures of this world were brought closer to her by attending the globally respected ImpulsTanzFestivalVienna.

Dance crosses many boundaries and forges links between cultures based on mutual respect. From a young age, this understanding has triggered a thirst for working with versatile characters of various countries.

Victoria left Austria, with the age of 18, to engage in a big artistic adventure studying at the London University of Arts/ London Studio Center graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2005.

Since finishing university she has worked internationally with dance companies and a variety of artists: Ivo Dimchev, Tauschfühlung, Bodytalk, Flowmotion Dance Company, Rafael Bonachela, Janet Smith, to mention a few.

In spring 2019 Victoria finished her studies in cultural management.

Professional Work

Victoria Primus is a passionate dancer, choreographer & dance pedagogue in Vienna crossing boundaries between various dance disciplines such as Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance & Physical Dance Theatre.

Her interest and professional training in various dance genres is also recognised in her choreographic work. She has worked internationally as a freelance dance artist with dance companies, produced and co-produced her own theatre dance performances for children and grown-ups and worked as a dance pedagogue for all ages in Vienna.

Victoria engages in interdisciplinary  work at the interface between art and science. One of her next major projects is the realisation of the Festival Creative Interferences. The festival combines art, science and sustainability. Through interdisciplinary art and the interactive collaboration of artists and scientists, complex scientific topics are examined from different perspectives and interesting new strategies are found to counteract the ecological crisis.  

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