movement philosophy

Stability is achieved through flexibility and strength.

Coordination, rhythm, concentration and above all honesty are goals to be achieved in the quality of movement. In the physical expression, it is important to anchor the freedom of movement of the body in a fixed relationship to the earth. To be grounded offers the great opportunity to move fast and freely- like an animal. 

It is important to stay aware of the knowledge of where we humans come from- we are all descendants of mother earth. 

Victoria moves and dances in accordance to her awareness that the human entity is interconnected to other existing universes. In her movement research she is interested in ecology- how people and organisms relate to each other and their environment.  Victoria looks at ecosystems describing the interactions of organisms at different scales of organisation.

The Embodiment Research Lab

The Embodiment Research Lab acts as an interface between science and art.

It offers participants the opportunity to physically approach abstract topics.

The immersion into micro and macro universes sensitises the consciousness in the individual dealing with the position of the human entity on planet earth and its nature.

An excerpt of the collaboration with the outstanding musician and sound designer Elena Shirin zoe presents

Planetary Oscillation Embodiment.

What position do humans have in relation to their living space when this living space is extended to the macrocosm of the solar system?

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Contemporary Class for adults

Is a dancing body able to make the invisible visible? In which way is a dancer connected to a planet oscillating the sun? In which way might the concept of entanglement of two atoms influence a dancer? 

Victoria’s contemporary dance class spreads her deep love and passion for dance and its exploratory nature. By sharing her deep interest of embodying abstract concepts through the use of movement, she blows boundaries between disciplines- interfacing dance with science.

Victoria draws the dancer’s attention to physical forces which move and surround us, incorporating the concept of oscillation, gravity or quantum entanglement into the choreographic process. 

Victoria attempts to create safe spaces where participants explore their own movement quality while being guided through improvisation and choreography.

Victoria attaches great importance to the precise learning and execution of technical specifications. Technical precision keeps the body healthy and reduces the risk of injury and long-term damage. A good technique enables the dancers to develop artistically. The exact alignment of the body based on anatomical principles is the prerequisite for smooth and dynamic sequences of movements that allow the dancers to move freely and without restrictions in space and time.

Music and dance stand in a close relationship to each other building a synergy to achieve higher quality.

Ballet Back on Track

Dancer and choreographer, Victoria Primus, whose collaborative projects cross boundaries of performance, science and education adapts her work to the web during COVID-19 / lockdown 2020.

Ballet Back on Track presents online tutorials, in which a set of ballet exercises gives you an opportunity to ground yourself and shine.

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Shifting Roots- alegado movement language

Many years of collaboration with the internationally respected choreographer and founder of Shifting Roots- Alegado Movement Language shape Victoria’s own movement research and choreographic style: 

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