The Embodiment Research Lab

The Embodiment Research Lab acts as an interface between science and art and offers participants the opportunity to physically approach abstract topics.

A unique dance and movement experience, the associated immersion in the variety of different worlds of our universe sensitises the consciousness in the individual dealing with nature and fellow human beings. 

Through dance, movement and music, grown ups come into contact with scientific topics. Contemporary dance allows experimentation through free movement.

An excerpt of the magnificent collaboration with the outstanding musician and sound designer Elena Shirin Zoe and her sound installation Planetary Oscillation.

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Training philosophy

In her physical expression, it is important to anchor the freedom of movement of the body in a fixed relationship to the earth & to use the connection with the whole universe. Coordination, rhythm, concentration and above all honesty are the main goals that should be achieved in her quality of movement.

Victoria also attaches great importance to the participants feeling at home in her workshops and benefiting from personal corrections. 

The focus on the deliberate examination of one’s own body and its varied forms of movement makes Victoria’s dance classes exciting. She likes to combine different dance genres and is inspired by different musical trends.

Many years of collaboration with the internationally respected choreographer and founder of Shifting Roots- Alegado Movement Language shape Victoria’s own dance and teaching style.

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