Open Hair Concert / Tribute to the beauty

a production by Ansicht

immersive performance


When: 5th Nov 2019 

where: Dschungel Vienna

Attention: The perception of your reflection could be significantly affected by your environment.

Beauty is more than pretty. Beauty is true. Or? Not quite true, because we are deceptive. We stage reality, we stage beauty, we conceal. We all want to be beautiful. Or?

concept & direction: Flo staffelmayer & Julia meinx

Choreography & performance: Victoria Primus

Planetary Oscillation Extended

sound installation with medial extension using light, dance, voice & ambient piano to strengthen the cosmic experience.

The movements of Elena Shirins’ sound piece Planetary Oscillation are reflecting the orbits of the 8 planets of our solar system. The different parameters of the synthesizers are automated based on the relationships

beween planetary oscillations. The composition is continuously evolving as the patterns of the different orbits are unfolding their irregular relation.


when: january 2019

where: Sonic Lab Anton Bruckner University Linz Austria 

concept, artistic & choreographic director: Victoria Primus / sound design: Elena Shirin Zoe singer: Tanja Peinsipp 



  tauschfühlung production– MO(ve)MENTS for PEACE.

dance theatre performance with live music


when: November 2018 European Theatre Night

where: Stadttheater Wels

concept, artistic & choreographic director: Bianca Anne Braunesberger |  Sound design: Stefan Zotter | artists: Victoria Primus, Sara de Santis, Sebastian Achleitner.


music video clip blissed of the album caves full of light

produced by Qu.od 2018

camera & video editing: osama rasheed

vocalist & dancer: bianca anne braunesberger

dancer: victoria primus

set design & technical equipment: technikart

Lucky Day

The song Lucky Day of the album sculptures by performance artist Ivo Dimchev ( His work is an extreme and colourful mixture of performance art ,dance, theatre, music, drawings and photography) 

Where: X- Factor London, UK & Kasino Schwarzenbergplatz Impulstanz Festival Vienna 

when: summer 2018

Fight Club Dancehall Bolero

Florentina Holzinger, Vienna’s most dazzling performance artist, Michele Rizzo, Cecilia Bengolea and the 90-strong dance-warrior-gang – has recreated Maurice Ravel’s infamous Boléro according to the composer’s vision: it should be performed outside, preferably in front of a factory hall. Now featuring electronic beats and taking place in front of Vienna’s great contemporary Kulturfabrik, the MQ, this piece is nothing but an all-encompassing work of art with unbreakable energy!

Where: Museumsquartier 

When: ImPulsTanz 2017

baby Break 2015-2017

© Maximiliane Wittek

Bonnkrott- eine Stadt tanzt!


physical dance theatre with live music

bonnkrott unites professional performers with a group of homeless people and ex-junkies to give a problem an airing. A poetic and daring piece was presented to the public crowd. 

Performers: Victoria Primus, Sylvana Sedding, Mack Kubicki, Mario Högemann, Till Bleckwedel, Tim Gerhards & homeless people of Bonn.


when: premiere: 2014

where: bonner loch



Yoshiko waki & rolf baumgart

physical dance theatre with live music

Performers: Victoria Primus, Sylvana Sedding, Nathalie Larquet, Lynn Suemitsu, Mack Kubicki, Helge Tramsen, Charlie Fouchier


When: 2013 / 2014

Where: Münster Pumpenhaus, Berlin Dock 11

les corps glorieux, trois danses, miroirs

Julia Meinx organist, composer, dance theater director, Stella – performing arts price for young audience

site- specific performances in churches to organ music as well as electronic music

2012 lange nacht der kirchen Breitenfeld josefstadt vienna

2013 horn upper austria

2016 das Orgelfest pfarre am schüttel vienna

2017 switzerland, bern

2020 germany

Flowmotion Dance Company

flowmotion dance company

dancer for the company touring germany twice- the magic shadows show tour & the fantastic shadows show tour- 

performing venues such as Berlin tempodrom, leipzig gewandhaus, theater am aegi and other international performances in dubai, qatar, abu dhabi, kuwait, london, istanbul, zurich, rio de janeiro, vienna

Flowmotion Dance Company Bodypainting Tree of Life
Flowmotion Dance Company Thinking Head in the Shadows

(c) all rights reserved by victoria primus